Please block out 3 hours for your appointment.


Microblading session...$495

Hair-like strokes are created  following the natural pattern of brow hair to create a new eyebrow shape or to enhance your existing brow while keeping it very natural & believable. This is best for clients who do not normally fill their brows in & already have a good amount of hair. 


microblading & shading session...               $595

Savannah’s signature technique. Highly recommended for someone with little to no brow hair or someone wanting a more filled in look so they do not have to apply makeup. Hair strokes are still seen for a natural look, while shading in the middle of the brow helps blend strokes.


microblading session with previous tattoo...$695

If you have a previous eyebrow tattoo/microblading please send a picture to Savannah before booking your appointment. (707)803-8614